Ekaterina Kochkina

Master programme, Type and Media, Royal Academy of Art (KABK). "University helps a lot as well. You immediately get a clear picture of everything in your head."

Posted by Marina Zernaeva at 2014-12-18 11:50

Why did you choose to study in the Netherlands?

In 2013 I was selected for the Dutch Visitors Programme, field Creative Industry. It is a programme for high potentials, held by by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and NL Agency. I had a ten day study visit to the Netherlands and saw many different places then. What draw my attention during this trip, was Dutch approach and attitude. All processes are very well organised, which leads to a very high quality output. That is why I decided to go to the Netherlands to study — to have an inside view. Besides, the best programme for my specialisation, typography, is taught in KABK, Den Haag.

What was the most difficult part of the application process for you? 

The most difficult part of the application process was preparing a portfolio. It is the most time consuming and difficult thing. You should carefully select projects and show them in the best way to persuade University you should be chosen for the programme.

What were your first impressions of the Netherlands and the university?

I have already been in the Netherlands and KABK several times before, as I had friends studying there. So my first impression was a long time ago. However, I recall that I was very impressed, how contemporary, functional and cozy everything looks. And that students have all the conditions to study, all the tools, books, etc.

How would you describe the study process at your university? 

The study process is very well thought through. When is the right time for a next portion of information, how start with simple things and implement them into something bigger afterwards, where and how to search for information, how to plan your work and use new skills you just gained.

How did you get used to the life in the Netherlands?

Very quickly, it was no problem at all. Everyone speaks English, everything is functional and simple, you can look up all the information you need in the internet. University helps a lot as well. You immediately get a clear picture of everything in your head.

Can you remember any particularly funny or amazing moment from your stay in the Netherlands which you would like to share? 

The most amazing moment for me is always this one: in the morning you are in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, etc, visiting a museum, exhibition or other event. Then you drop in the library in other city, very quickly get a very rare book that you need for your project. So many things done. In the evening you take your bike, and you are on the beach. And when you cycle through dunes, you suddenly stop, because you saw a rabbits or a fox. This is what amazes me in the Netherlands, after living and working in Moscow, — it’s so easy to be both very effective and relaxed here.

What advice do you have for prospective students planning to study in the Netherlands?

Choose the right programme. There are so many here, and they are so different from one another. Try to learn about the specifics of all of them, before applying.

How do you see yourself in 3 years?

I will be either an art-director in a design studio or company, or be in charge of my own business within the design industry.

Posted by Marina Zernaeva at 2014-12-18 11:50